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Committees and Working Groups

Council committees and representatives on outside groups
and organisations.

This structure shows the main council and the four standing committees of the Town Council.

It also shows the external groups who have Town Council representatives on them as observers.

Environmental Sustainability: 

Chair: Cllr S. Webster. Cllrs S. Archer, J.A. Drake, J. Filmore, T. Irving, G. Scrogham, P. Smith.

Finance and General Purposes: 

(Incorporating: Financial Management, Capital Expenditure, Grants, Christmas Lights, United Charities)

Cllrs: M. Wilson, B. Brown, N. Bishop Rowe, J.  Drake, T. Irving, M. Hornby, G. Scrogham, P. Smith, D. Webster

Allotments Standing Committee:

Cllrs: G. Scrogham, H. Irving, S. Archer

Environmental Sustainability Standing Committee:

Cllrs: J. Filmore, G. Scrogham, J. Drake, T. Irving, S. Archer. P. Smith

HR Committee:

(4-year appointment/term of council)

Cllrs: D. Webster, M. Scrogham, J. Drake, M. Hornby, H. Irving

CGP Trustees

The Town Council administer this fund on behalf of CGP Books (Broughton in Furness)

Cllrs: S. Webster, D. Fletcher Cooney, M. Wilson, N. Bishop Rowe, M. Hornby, T. Irving

United Charities:

All Councillors

Associated Groups:

Ulverston – Albert Twinning Association:

Cllrs: B. Brown, D. Webster, S Webster. D. Fletcher Cooney. H. Irving, T. Irving, M. Hornby

Ulverston Community Partnership: Cllrs: G. Scrogham, M. Scrogham, M. Hornby, N. Bishop Rowe.

Gill Banks Action Group:                                    Cllrs: J. Drake, G. Scrogham

St. John Ambulance:                                           Cllr: N. Bishop-Rowe

Air Training Corps:                                              Cllr: N. Bishop-Rowe

Age Concern:                                                      Cllrs: S. Webster, N. Bishop-Rowe

Croftlands Community Association:                    Cllr: P. Smith, T. Irving

Ulverston Inshore Rescue:                                  Deputy Mayor

Ulverston Town Band:                                         Cllr: H. Irving

Ulverston Traders Association:                           Cllrs:  D. Webster, M. Scrogham, N. Bishop-Rowe

Ulverston in Bloom:                                             Cllrs: J. Filmore, M. Scrogham

Ulverston Business Improvement District (BID): Cllrs D. Webster, H. Irving

Carnival Committee:                                            Cllr: M. Wilson

Lantern Festival:                                                  Cllr: G. Scrogham, S. Archer

Dickensian Festival:                                             Cllr: S. Webster, H. Irving

Cumbria Association of Local Councils (CALC):  Cllrs: D. Webster, M. Hornby

Borderlands:                                                         Cllrs: B. Brown, T. Irving

Representatives on External Organisations:

Ulverston Town Lands Trust:

(4 years appointment which runs from the date of the appointment and is not linked to the financial year or term of the council.  Council can appoint members who are NOT elected councillors if it wishes:

4 years to 13. 05. 2027                   Mrs J. Hancock

4 years to 21. 11. 2027                   Cllr. M. Hornby

4 years to 19. 08. 2024                   Cllr. D. Webster. Mrs S.A. Wilson

4 years to 28. 07. 2024                   Cllr.  P. Smith

4 years to 23. 05. 2026                   Cllr T. Irving

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