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Restoration of the Sir John Barrow Monument

Work commenced on 27th April 2009 and completed in March 2011.

An extensive programme of repair and refurbishment has been carried out, internally and externally. This has included:

  • Making the structure as waterproof as possible
  • Installation of a heating and ventilation system
  • Rebuilding the stone lantern and cladding the top with copper
  • Repair of the spiral staircase using local stone to revamp the 112 steps to the lantern from the entrance chamber
  • Installation of new carved sandstone handrail to replace iron original
  • Restoration of the plasterwork to all levels
  • Complete paint scheme, externally and internally. Specialist paint on the outside using similar specification to that used on lighthouses
  • Replacement bronze casement windows
  • Insertion of three stone ‘string courses’ around the plinth (English Heritage enhanced project)
  • Installation of web cams at the top of the
  • Monument, cameras with relay to screens in the entrance chamber with a north, south, east and west view
  • Upgrade to lower paths on Hoad Hill to improve access
  • Installation of new signage and panoramic signs.

Other areas regarding the Monument have included:

  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Website development
  • Training of Monument Keepers
  • Completion of a large mural in the town depicting the life and times of Sir John Barrow


Lloyd Evans Prichard, conservation specialists based in Manchester.

Main Contractors

Lambert Walker Conservation and Restoration Ltd, based near Preston.

Total cost of the project

£1.2 million


The Heritage Lottery Fund awarded Ulverston Town Council £891,000 towards the restoration and English Heritage a further £150,000. In addition, significant funds have also been provided by the following:

  • Ulverston Town Council
  • Ulverston Market Town Initiative
  • Cumbria County Council
  • South Lakeland District Council
  • Ulverston Town Lands Trust
  • Ulverston Partnership
  • Friends of Sir John Barrow Monument
  • Donations from the community and around the world.

Education Questions

Key Stage 2

  1. The Monument was official opened on 22 August 2010 by Sir Anthony Barrow, a descendent of Sir John Barrow. Events were organised at Ford Park and there was a firework display in the evening. Imagine that you are planning a big event with fireworks to celebrate an important event on Hoad Hill and make a poster that shows everything that you would like to include on the day.
  2. You can climb to the top of the monument and see the view. On a clear day you can see Blackpool Tower. Take a trip up to the monument with your teacher or your family and friends and see what other landmarks you can see. Around the bottom of the monument you will find maps, which you can use to find some of them.
  3. How did the builders get all of their equipment up to the monument? Have a look at a map of Hoad Hill and work out the best way. Which route would you take?

Key Stage 3

Restoring the monument was a very big project. Think of all of the people involved and think about how you would plan such a large project. Write a project plan includuing:

  • The type of craftspeople you would need to do the job
  • Letting people know what was happening. Would facebook and twitter be a good way of letting everybody know?
  • Where would the funds come from
  • How could your school be involved
  • What the monument means to Ulverston

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