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Full Council Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2020

Minutes 14th December 2020MinutesMonday 14th December 2020
Minutes 16th November 2020MinutesMonday 16th November 2020
Minutes October 2020MinutesMonday 19th October 2020
Minutes August 2020MinutesMonday 17th August 2020
Minutes 15th June 2020MinutesMonday 15th June 2020
Minutes 4th May 2020MinutesMonday 4th May 2020
Minutes April 20th 2020MinutesMonday 20th April 2020
Minutes April 2020 (Emergency Meeting)MinutesTuesday 14th April 2020
Minutes March 2020 (Emergency Executive Meeting)MinutesMonday 23rd March 2020
Minutes February 2020MinutesMonday 17th February 2020
Minutes January 2020MinutesMonday 20th January 2020

Meeting Minutes 2019

Minutes December 2019MinutesMonday 16th December 2019
Minutes November 2019MinutesMonday 18th November 2019
Minutes October 2019MinutesMonday 21st October 2019
Minutes September 2019MinutesMonday 16th September 2019
Minutes July 2019MinutesMonday 15th July 2019
Minutes June 2019MinutesMonday 17th June 2019
Minutes May 2019MinutesMonday 20th May 2019
Minutes April 2019MinutesMonday 15th April 2019
Minutes March 2019MinutesMonday 18th March 2019
Minutes February 2019MinutesMonday 18th February 2019
Jan 2019 MinutesMinutesMonday 21st January 2019

Meeting Minutes 2018

December 2018 MinutesMinutesMonday 17th December 2018
Minutes Nov 2018MinutesMonday 19th November 2018
Minutes October 2018MinutesMonday 15th October 2018
September 2018 MinutesMinutesMonday 17th September 2018
July 2018 MinutesMinutesMonday 16th July 2018
June 2018 MinutesMinutesMonday 18th June 2018
Minutes May 2018MinutesMonday 21st May 2018
April Minutes 2018MinutesMonday 16th April 2018
March MinutesMinutesMonday 19th March 2018
February Minutes 2018MinutesMonday 19th February 2018
Draft Minutes January 2018MinutesMonday 15th January 2018

Meeting Minutes 2017

December Minutes 2017MinutesMonday 18th December 2017
November Minutes DraftMinutesMonday 20th November 2017
October minutesMinutesMonday 16th October 2017
September 2017 MinutesMinutesTuesday 19th September 2017
July minutesMinutesMonday 17th July 2017
June MinutesMinutesMonday 19th June 2017
May MinutesMinutesMonday 15th May 2017
March MinutesMinutesMonday 20th March 2017
February MinutesMinutesMonday 20th February 2017
January Minutes 2017 DraftMinutesMonday 16th January 2017

Meeting Minutes 2016

December Draft MinutesMinutesMonday 19th December 2016
November MinutesMinutesMonday 21st November 2016
Minutes October 2016MinutesMonday 17th October 2016
September minutesMinutesMonday 19th September 2016
Minutes July 2016MinutesMonday 18th July 2016
June MinutesMinutesMonday 20th June 2016
May minutesMinutesMonday 16th May 2016
Annual Report 2015 2016MinutesMonday 25th April 2016
April Draft MinutesMinutesMonday 18th April 2016
March 2016 minutesMinutesMonday 21st March 2016
February 2016 MinutesMinutesMonday 15th February 2016
January 2016 MinutesMinutesMonday 18th January 2016

Meeting Minutes 2015

December 2015 Draft MinutesMinutesMonday 21st December 2015
November 2015 draftMinutesSunday 15th November 2015
October 2015 MinutesMinutesMonday 19th October 2015
September 2015 minutesMinutesMonday 21st September 2015
July 2015 MinutesMinutesMonday 20th July 2015
June 2015 MinutesMinutesMonday 15th June 2015
May 2015 MinutesMinutesMonday 18th May 2015
April 2015 MinutesMinutesWednesday 15th April 2015
March 2015 minutesMinutesMonday 16th March 2015
February 2015 MinutesMinutesMonday 16th February 2015
January 2015 - Special Meeting - MinutesMinutesMonday 26th January 2015
January 2015 MinutesMinutesMonday 19th January 2015

Meeting Minutes 2014

December 2014 MinutesMinutesMonday 15th December 2014
November 2014 MinutesMinutesMonday 17th November 2014

Latest News

Ulverston win best town at the Cumbria in Bloom Awards

Ulverston win best town at the Cumbria in Bloom Awards

The Cumbria in Bloom awards ceremony recently took place at St. Mary’s Hospice. Ulverston won Best Town in Cumbria and Deputy Mayor Michelle Scrogham accepted the trophy on behalf of the town. Ulverston in Bloom also won Gold for the town, and community groups including Gill Banks Action Group, Friends of Lightburn Park and St… Continue Reading

Local Plan Review consultation 20th October

Local Plan Review consultation 20th October

As part of the South Lakeland Local Plan Review Issues and Options consultation, SLDC are holding a number of ‘drop-in’ conversations across the District. These are being held at the following locations from 3pm to 7pm: Tuesday 12 October: Kirkby Lonsdale Lunesdale Hall Friday 15 October: Milnthorpe M: Hub Monday 18 October: Kendal Town Hall… Continue Reading

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